Chinese stuff


Maybe we just have to see this hot summer through befor things get better. I can hardly believe I have managed to adapt to the heat here. But it depends on what you’re wearing. Nowadays I’m head to toe in Chinese stuff – all of it lightweight – so at least I’m no longer dripping. I have managed to find a young shirtmaker locally and he is now my personal provider of big shirts. The quality is what I would expect in the west and thefabrics too, more or less. I’m going to visit the factory with him soon. Maybe I’m a bit of a symbol for him at the moment.

I’ve never seen HH in extended sunshine. It sounds nice to me and I’d like some German beer. I’m having a food crisis today. I need to have a steak or I’ll cry.

I’m doing an observation this morning on one of my Chinese teachers. Yesterday I was laughing because, bit by bit, all my staff are doing Gordon style work. It is very funny. I never realised I would enjoy having authority like this. It’s very nice.

The weekend starts at 18.00!!!!!

Have a nice day.


Gordon Hunter