Food stuff

Morning again
Well I’m afraid I’m on Claudia’s side. I have been a real coward when it comes to eating here and I didn’t realise it would happen. The thought of some of the things we are served makes my stomache turn.
The team went out on Friday night to eat and I decided I wouldn’t join in. They ate duck’s head and butterfly larvae, which were moving as they ate them. I’m afraid I would have been sick on the table!!
Apparently they were delicious. I don’t care. I don’t fancy throwing up in public.
As it is, when we get luck I only eat rice and cabbage. The rest is fairly horrible.

So yesterday I started cooking and I am afraid it might become the trend. I made chicken soup and I’m just working out how I can do vegetable curry for tomorrow. I miss oregano and basil!!!!!

Have a nice day.

Gordon Hunter