On the market

Morning Jens
I went to the covered market yesterday morning. It was amazing as I am sure you can imagine. I saw all the things I have been eating for the last 3 weeks in their complete state and anyone with a weak stomache would not be happy there. Everything is alive. There was a man standing in the middle of the space with a plastic net of frogs. They were huge and they were alive and hopping. He though I’d like to buy some for some strange reason. There were dried sharks and living turtles, not to mention the ducks, the hens and the pigeons.

Apparently the produce is fresher in the market than in the supermarket so I am just going to have to get used to the strangeness of it all.
About 70% of the stuff on sale was stuff I had never seen.

I had a bad stomache day yesterday so I didn’t eat anything but I cooked chicken soup for today and I am looking forward to it!!!!!

When I get used to the eggs being covered in brown stuff I’ll buy some eggs but my stomache was too sensitive yesterday.

We still have intense heat and this is the hottest part of China, it seems. But there is sometimes a breeze, though not today, more’s the pity.

We have 8 more days of summerscheme then we’re off to the mountains for a break. Then I go to Shanghai for training. Then my real job starts.

Have a nice day.

Gordon Hunter