One wedding and a lot of good byes

Time is up, we are leaving Europa for Southamerica /Argentina! It’s been nearly 2 weeks that we’ve been cruising around in Germany to catch up with my friends in Berlin, Leipzig and Dresden, went to a wedding and enjoyed a week in the Erzgebirge with my parents. Brendon has been sick unfortunatly just after I have recovered from my little thing. So no big meals and dark beers for him this time.

It feels kind of dodgy to say good bye now without realizing whats going on. The fact that I am really leaving for a long time hasn’t quite got into my brain yet and so I am quite relaxed about all that. Well it’s tomorrow then that we will cross the big ocean and surely when we land in Buenos Aires sometimes in the morning the day after tomorrow I will already have some different feelings about the going away business. Will go from there…

Need to post some photos, will do!

Michaela Hanke