Red peppers and Kiwis

There is something magical about travelling. You find yourself in some foreign place with complete strangers and for a few hours or even days you become part of their life and they become part of yours. More so in the less touristy places where we have a habit of ending up. The question that occurs most fromthe locals is „What are you doing here?“ The idea of vistiting the place because its interesting seems a rather strange concept for them. For us that gives a super authentic feel for the place. Finding accommodation, however, can be quite adventureous at times especially when the only motel around happens to be booked up by a wedding and there are no more buses at this time of the night…

Everyday I am getting more in the travel groove and London has slowly dissappeared from my mind which is now focused on the beauty of the places we visit. The noices of the big city have been replaced by the voices of the locals and tourists we meet, the endless choice of activities has been replaced by the simple decision of where to have a cheap dinner or the destination of the next day. We find ourselves marvelling at the demise of the Mazedonian country instead of complaining about traffic or rain in London. In the last days I have suffered from a strange stomache breakdown the other day, was that caused by too much healthy food and the lack of fish&chips and burgers? I was not expecting to miss British food at all but actually I could do with the occasional burger which has to wait until New Zealand I am afraid. With no regrets it feels good to leave the busy urban life behind and get used to the concept of a more relaxed and healthy lifestyle. By no means I will forget London for all the great things it helped me to achieve. For a long time I will remember the used-to-do’s and my friends who will be friends. Still haven’t finished reading London’s great biography by Peter Ackroyd which is a true masterpiece.

As for fruits & veggies, there are beautiful red peppers strung up for drying left right and center everywhere in Mazedonia and Bulgaria and I don’t know how but this vine of Kiwi fruit has sneaked in. No kidding but I have seen my first baby Kiwi fruit growing on the Albanian boarder of Mazedonien and not in New Zealand!

Michaela Hanke