Wet season

Morning Jens,
It seems we are in the middle of the wet season. It has started pouring really heavily at about 05.00. It rains for about 2 hours and then we have brilliant sunshine. The good thing is the humidity goes for a few hours. So it is rather pleasant. The typhoon comes this month apparently!!!!!

We all continue to be tired and I am getting a cold. I can feel it in my throat so it looks like I’m going to be off work at the weekend.

Only 2 weeks of the summer school left now. My 6 year olds had a revolution yesterday and they wouldn’t do any work. They said they were tired so we just played. These 6 year olds are sent by their parents on a 6 weeks intensive course and have 2 hours of English a day. Poor things. This week is halfway and I don’t blame them for grinding to a halt.

We are now a team of 6 and one more is expected soon. I really enjoy pulling teams together and it is always an interesting challenge to make an effective team out of a group of total strangers. I have had success with the teachers so far and 2 of them are quite difficult, but now they are very cooperative.

I have to resign form my Finland post this week. This is a better place for me.

Hope you are well and getting your books done.

Till soon.

Gordon Hunter